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Vicia Faba

Fava Bean

Fava Bean

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This highly diverse genetic mix of fava beans comes from different growers, living in different climates, from a variety of states across the US: different seed colors (solid shades of tan, brown, green, red, purple or black), two different flower colors (white or red), different size beans from tiny to huge, different size plants (from 10" to 6'), variety in usage, maturity dates and cold resistance.

Are seeds really free?

Our mission is to make diverse seeds available to everyone. Although the seeds are free, you will need to pay for shipping. In addition, we ask you to consider making a donation to cover program costs. This allows us to make seed free for those who need it.

When will I get my seeds?

Seeds will start shipping in late December. This program is run by dedicated and hardworking volunteers.  Going to Seed is not a seed company. You may receive packages that have less than the stated number of seeds, germination rates may not meet the federal standards, shipping may be slower than you prefer, or there may be any other number of unanticipated glitches. Please be patient with us as we improve the standards over time.

How are seeds packaged?

Seeds are packed in moisture proof, 100% compostable materials. We recommend saving this packet to fill and send back to the program.

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About the Seed Steward

I'm Anphlo, a French homesteader with a love for foraging, growing food and cooking. I've been living in the Northeast in zone 5b on a piece of conservation land for the last decade. My very small growing area is in the middle of a wetland. I've always absolutely loved fava beans! It's a common delicacy in France in spring farmers' markets in the green stage and a staple in the winter months as a dry bean. It's an early, gourmet crop with highly versatile use in the kitchen, and in the garden. Besides, both the flower of the plant and its beans are gorgeous!