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Courses are online and self-paced, featuring video lessons from knowledgeable instructors, readings, and resources. In addition, monthly zoom calls provide an opportunity to ask individual questions, as well as get to know other students and share ideas.

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  • Joseph Lofthouse

    Joseph is the author of the recent book Landrace Gardening, and is a popular speaker at farming conferences around the world. He has been growing landraces and selling seeds for a decade. At his garden in the Cache Valley in Utah, he grows seed for about 95 species, and is working to convert every species that he grows into adaptivar landraces. He is dedicated to helping gardeners and farmers grow healthy plants with less stress.

  • Marcos Cortez Bacilio

    Marcos is an independent writer, farmer, and teacher of traditional farming methods in his home state of Guerrero, Mexico, and beyond. He advocates for alternative paradigms in agriculture, such as Milpa Agroecology and Integral Sustainable Gardens. He has practiced Urban Family Farming for 14 years through a project he calls "Milpa-Garden at Home." His work covers a diverse range of topics, including food sovereignty, community agroecology, agroecological transition, preservation and enhancement of native seeds, and local and traditional agri-food systems like milpas and orchards. He has served as a facilitator and instructor of agroecological practices and socioecological processes in countries including Haiti, Cuba, and Peru.

  • Julia Dakin

    Julia has spent most of her life involved in agriculture, but only started farming full time three years ago. After many years focusing on soil health, she felt something was missing. Reading Landrace Gardening, and seeing first hand how much genetic variability plays into plant health and flavor, she was inspired to create a learning experience that would give farmers and gardeners the information and confidence to start their own breeding project.

  • Dr. James White

    Dr James F. White, is Professor of Plant Pathology. Dr. White obtained the M.S. in Mycology and Plant Pathology from Auburn University, Alabama, and the Ph.D. in Mycology from the University of Texas, Austin in 1987. Dr. White specializes in symbiosis research, particularly endophytic microbes. He is the author of more than 180 articles, and author and editor of reference books on the biology, taxonomy, and phylogeny of fungal endophytes.