Community Seed Projects

The Next Step for Local Food

Let's create crops uniquely adapted to our local landscapes, reflecting the spirit and resilience of our present-day communities. 

Whether you're a gardener, seed steward, farmer, or someone passionate about eating local food and building resilience in your community, we invite you to join us in creating a model for transitioning toward a sustainable food system.

Over the last hundred years, gardeners and farmers have become increasingly marginalized in the selection and control of food crops. This has put increasing control in the hands of for-profit corporations, leading to the 95% loss of crop genetic diversity in the US.  This leaves gardeners vulnerable to shocks to the global supply chain, a changing climate, reduced flavor, and nutrient density in modern varieties, and seeds that don’t thrive when conditions aren’t ideal for them.

Current Projects

Mendocino County Seed Circle
Mendocino Coast, CA

East Bay Seed Project

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA

Adopt a Clackamas Squash Pilot Project
Portland, Oregon 

Previous Projects

Round Valley Landraces Project
Round Valley, CA

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