Round Valley Community Seed Project

In January 2023, a couple of dozen community members attended a talk on Landrace Gardening by Julia Dakin in our library’s community room. After the presentation, there was a discussion about working towards creating some diverse, resilient crop varieties adapted to the unique climate and pressures found in Covelo/ Round Valley.

Six crops were selected to work on collaboratively. Pat Sobrero, the seed librarian, gathered seeds from diverse sources to hand out to anybody who wanted to grow for seed and contribute to the project.  On November 4th, people are invited to a harvest celebration where seeds will be contributed and made available again to anybody who wants to grow them.

Read more here, including guidelines for contributing seeds.

Send an email to roundvalleyseeds at to be added to the email list for this group.

Crops selected


Seeds are from ‘Adaptive Seed’ heirlooms and local contributions. 

Sweet Peppers

From Going to Seed’s pepper mix, and the Experimental Farm Network.

Sweet Corn

Astronomy Domine (colorful, early, grown on the Mendocino Coast the year before), and local contributions (Sweet Shakti)

Flour Corn

Contribution from Katie Newman, Painted Mountain Corn and Lofthouse flour corn


Going to Seed’s mix, other heirlooms contributed from seed companies


Going to Seed mix, Lofthouse Oliverson melons, Brandon Gatto  contribution of locally grown seeds


Mix of three heirlooms from Open Circle Seeds