At Going to Seed, we provide gardeners and farmers with the knowledge, skills and resources to grow locally adapted, genetically diverse crops, using traditional selection methods enhanced by ongoing learning and experimentation.

We envision a world where everyone is empowered to grow food that heals the body, the soul, and the planet. Together we create a resilient and environmentally adaptive food system that works with nature and can withstand its unpredictability.

  • Courses

    Our video and text-based courses cover the importance of genetic diversity, cross-pollination and breeding basics, seed selection and saving.

  • Community

    The community provides a place for your knowledge to be ​cross-pollinated, evolved, and applied. Gain insights, share ideas, troubleshoot your issues, and receive feedback.

  • Seeds

    Genetically diverse seed mixes, curated by our members, help you get started breeding your own locally adapted crops.